October 4, 2023

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may officially start on Sept 15, but we waited til this week to truly embrace German heritage.

OCTOBER 5 – 8, with Tastings ALL DAY

While we wont be donning Lederhosen like the Beer Gardens and Biergartens around town, we’ll honor Bavaria with German wines.
And, what better way to start than with a pair of Reislings, one dry and one sweet? Then, we’ll move into a couple interesting Reds that you might not know come from Germany!?!?

    A “Pet Nat” (short for pétillant naturel) differs from a classic sparkling wine mainly in one point: The wines undergo only one fermentation, which starts in the barrel and is completed in the bottle without the addition of sugar, yeast or sulfur. The natural sugars from the grapes provide the bubbles. 
    This Pet Nat is from a family-owned estate run by two winemakers and their children. It is made from certified organically grown Riesling grapes in the Pfalz. 
    It is made to be drunk fresh and young as an aperitif or with your favorite shellfish dish.
   For the wines of the Rheinhessen, the key is limestone. This is what gives the wines their glycerin-induced sexiness. This is also what gives them the flair of acidity, a presence strong enough to counter the lavish extract and to keep the wines from feeling gooey or too heavy. 
    This Pinot Blanc, or “Weissburgunder” in Germany, is fresh from Rheinhessen with stone fruit notes of peach and pear. it is crisp with bright acidity and overall dry on the palate. 
    Light bodied but pairs lovely with green salads topped with roast chicken.
    The Bockstein is a very steep vineyard in a side valley of the Saar River in Mosel. Nik Weis is a certified organic producer. Once the grapes are handpicked, fermentation happens spontaneously. Wines classified s Kabinett in Germany have the lowest potential ABV, and this wine ferments to only 8-9%. 
    It is aged in both stainless steel and traditional “Moselfuder” (1000l oak barrels), which highlight the fresh character as well as the spiciness and aromatic complexity of the wine. It has an elegant body and an aromatic balance of smokiness, citrus fruits, and wild herbs along with floral hints of elderflower, lilac, and chamomile. 
    It pairs perfectly with both light and fresh cuisine such as ceviche, carpaccio, and seafood, as well as well-spiced dishes like Indian curries.
Guterweg Neckenmarkter BLAUFRANKISCH
    This is the Villages level Blaufränkisch which comes from 2 different vineyards. One of the vineyards is a mix of gneis and schist, located up to 450 meters above sea level, very steep and stony. The other is pure limestone on a high plateau up to 350 meters above sea level. The combination is complimentary: from the schist · gneis the Blaufränkisch gets warm, but still mineral aromas, also some spice.
   From the limestone it gets cooler notes, elegant and subtle flavours. Aged for 19 month in 1200L barrels. Inky purple in colour, shows strawberry and blackcurrant with black pepper, and iron-like minerals, rich, concentrated, intense and lush with fine-grained tannins.

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