Take Out Tasting – Fat Sals


September 2, 2023

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With a Cheesesteak Craving at hand, we loosened our belts and went for FAT SALS DELI

And while it might seem blasphemous to pair such an amazing Cabernet Franc with a sloppy sub… this worked incredibly well.

Les Pensees de Pallus 2017 Chinon – this one’s a personal favorite of @ogkelsbells 


The Cabernet Franc grape gives medium-bodied red wines with good acidity and a complex flavor profile of both savory and fruity aromas. This makes Cabernet Franc an excellent food wine that pairs well with different types of meat, stews, and other dishes.

Thus, it’s amazing with baby back ribs, beef fajitas, pulled pork sandwiches, roasted chicken, lamb gyros, corned beef, and deluxe pizza topped with sausage, bacon, black olives, green bell peppers, pepperoni and mushrooms. And, CHEESESTEAK.




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