Heat & Spice Tasting – Sept 28-Oct 1


September 26, 2023

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Kick off – THURSDAY, Sept 28 @ 7pm
Running All Weekend!

We’ll be showcasing some unique wine flavors with unexpected surprises for the palate!

Wine offers diverse flavor profiles:
     Whites are crisp, with green apple or citrus notes –
     Sauvignon Blanc is herbaceous.
     Reds like Cabernet Sauvignon are bold with dark fruit –
     Pinot Noir is delicate with red berries.
     Sweet wines like Moscato are luscious with honeyed florals.
     Fermentation extends its magic to a wider range of drinks like Beer and Cider, each offering unique and captivating taste experiences.
With the HEAT & SPICE Series, we’re going to explore some very varied tastes…
    “HEARTBEAT is the first and only rosé with a spicy kick. We ferment fresh peppers to create a pepper wine to blend into our rosé, resulting in a fully dry sip with a sexy and salivating finish that slowly builds. Woman-owned with a woman winemaker, HEARTBEAT has no sugar, 103 calories, and a kick comparable to a spicy margarita. 
    This is a refreshing and unique twist on the classic favorite, leaving you salivating for more.”

BONANTO – A Wine Apertivo
    “Bonanto, a vegan-friendly aperitif, is crafted from 100% natural Mediterranean ingredients, including black carrot for its distinctive ruby color. With only 105 grams of sugar per liter, it’s significantly less sweet than other aperitifs. It boasts aromas of ripe cherries and spicy fruits and is a fusion of white wine, vermouth, and liqueur, offering a unique taste experience. 
    With a nose redolent of ripe fruits such as cherries and hints of orange peel, Bonanto offers a personality-filled, full-bodied experience in the mouth, releasing complex aromas of spicy fruits.”

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LA ROCHE Cidre Parcellaire
    This is a potent, rustic cider bursting with character. It boasts an orange hue and offers spicy, earthy, and smoky notes. The mouthfeel is rich and finishes with delightful bitterness. 
    Made from hand-harvested apples from a rocky marle-laden orchard, it undergoes natural fermentation in stainless steel tanks, followed by a bottle fermentation, creating a fine effervescence. 


    Moscato d’Asti, a DOCG sparkling white wine hailing from the province of Asti in northwest Italy, is a sweet, low-alcohol dessert wine made from the Moscato bianco grape. Cultivated for centuries in the Piedmont DOCG, Moscato bianco is one of the oldest grapes in the area, with modern production of Moscato d’Asti beginning in the 1870s. 
    This frizzante-style wine was traditionally enjoyed during noon meals, ensuring no slowdown for winemakers and their workers. It also served as a palate cleanser and dessert stimulant after long, multicourse evening meals. The grapes are harvested at the optimal brix, chilled to halt fermentation, and filtered to achieve its translucent golden color, with a maximum alcohol content of 5.5% abv. 
    To keep the alcohol at such a low level, the fermentation process is halted leaving much of the natural sugars remaining in the wine.

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