National Gumbo Day – Pairings


October 13, 2023

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National Gumbo Day is celebrated on October 12. We’ll celebrate it all weekend.

It’s a time to appreciate this heavily seasoned, savory state dish of Louisiana. Although, gumbo is a perfect bit of indulgence any day, anywhere! Gumbo typically consists of strongly-flavored stock with meat or shellfish, a thickener, and seasoned vegetables. The seasoned vegetables may include celery, bell peppers, and onions. In the Cajun cuisine, the trio is known as the “holy trinity. Most people serve gumbo over rice. Curl up on the couch and savor the flavors on National Gumbo Day, or enjoy with family and friends.” – National Today

So no, we dont have Gumbo at Curated Wines, but we’re featuring wines that PAIR with Gumbo and other Cajun or Creole dishes. That’s right… what pairs with spicy food?

We’ll explore the flavor profiles together!

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