Takeout Tasting – Nongla La Brea


August 12, 2023

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Tonight’s Take Out Tasting!
We had an amazing selection from @vintuswines Thursday evening, and while it seemed crazy to pair it with @nonglacafe from right down the street… it worked.
Seriously though, how could it not?
Champagne bubbles mingle beautifully with so many flavors and textures, cutting thru the fat of fried foods.
The crispness and effervescence of the Rose’ contrasts with the savory qualities of the eggs rolls, creating a harmonious balance on the palate, while also cleansing the palate after every sip!
This Rose Majeur from @champagne_ayala is, as they say, in itself a treat.

And @nonglacafe is a wonderful spot on La Brea and a perfect take-out option, especially when we’re only 2 blocks away.


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